Women in Tech


Celebrating women in STEM fields: Find out what a career in technology has to offer

Co-hosted by the University’s Women In Science and Engineering (WISE) and Computer Science Society (CSS), this day-long conference will be a celebration of women working in, or aspiring to, one of the world’s fastest growing industries. Join us on Saturday 28th October for the third Women  in Technology Conference lasting from 10 am to 5 pm.
Everyone is welcome – tech enthusiasts, programmers and non-programmers, coders and non-coders, of any gender and from all backgrounds and interests. We will be welcoming speakers from a wide range of disciplines to deliver inspirational Keynote talks. This year’s conference will place great emphasis on inspirational talks in a ‘TED’ style manner, delivered by our sponsors and partners and as such there will be numerous workshops and networking opportunities throughout the day.
Talks will provide attendees with fascinating insight into various areas of life outside university, for example what it is like to be part of a graduate scheme, becoming an entrepreneur, climbing the ladder in academia, and gaining a good work-life balance. Moreover the event will present a well-rounded view of a range of different career paths for women in technology.
The Conference is brought to you by EY in partnership with FDM , with additional sponsorship from Goldman Sachs and IBM.
By signing up and coming to the event you are going to be entered in a raffle. The prizes will range from Amazon vouchers, techy gadgets* and the chance to win an insight day at one of our sponsor companies**!
Lunch and refreshments will be provided thanks to the generous support of our sponsors who will also be in attendance.

Don’t forget to register here!

 *provided by Goldman Sachs and others tbc
**EY, FDM and others tbc




Directions to the Aston Webb building block C.

Arrival by Train:
The Station is on the west side of Campus and the Aston-Webb building is about a 5-6-minute walk from the station itself. Head left, downhill past the Learning Centre and the Haworth and Bioscience buildings towards the clock tower. You should see a Costa on your left and head up through the tunnel and follow the path until you reach the law building then turn right and walk through the arches. The Aston Webb building is right next to the clock tower and has several domes atop it. Trains run roughly every 15 minutes or so until late.

Walking or Car:
Using the main entrance follow University Road East until you can clearly see Old Joe, then follow the arc of the buildings until you reach the main entrance of the Aston-Webb Building. (R7)

There is very little accessible parking currently due to construction on site. The north-east car park located on Prittchats road should be open and it’s about a 10-15 minute walk from here to the Aston-Webb building. If not, there is Winterbourne house and Gardens located further up Edgbaston park road past the North-East Car Park and Pritchatts park located roughly 20 minutes away walking further up Pritchatts road towards Harborne. Parking on the weekends is free.

The venue is Aston-Webb block C main lecture theatre (R7). The event is taking place from 10am-5pm on the 28th of October.

directions to venue

Download a copy of this map at http://www.birmingham.ac.uk/Documents/university/edgbaston-map.pdf